Halloween party is here!

Ok there is a bunch of candy to find, and first you have to get the pumpkin candy basket
It is at the snow forts
The first peice of candy is at the beacon
The next piece of candy is at the coffee shop, click o0n the cake-thing and it will open
Next there is the piece of candy in the forest
Then this one is kind of hard to get, click on the binoculars at the cove, and wait
After that there is the is the candy on top of the mountian
The next one is on the eye of the mullet
Next. click on the green puffle in the nightclub, he will give you a riddle, the answer is D:Happy halloween
Next there is the last piece of candy, at the pizza parlor, in the organ, click on it it will fly out
Then you will get the halloween scarf

The pin is a spider, and it is down in the pool, but it is harder to get than it looks, becuase it moves, so you have to go where it will land
click on the image to make it bigger

Halloween party sneek peek

Here is a sneak peek of the Halloween party coming TOMORROW
Also there is a poll in the penguin newspaper, asking if the new wigs should stay or go I voted no, for the wigs to go, becuase penguins looked weird with Hair

Also again hopefully tomorrow there will be the wizard hat, which if they give it out, i can make some more funny pics, i already have some ideas
Dont forget to check my site tomorrow, becuase once again, the Halloween party, the biggest party of the year, is coming TOMORROW

2 year anniversary party

The two year anniversary party is here!
There is a giant cake in the coffee shop, and much more!
Click on the image to make it bigger
Also, the two year anniversary party is only for today, so collect the party hat, in the book room
Also there is a yearbook in the book room now
The Halloween party is this friday! So be sure to come back to this site for all the answers, so be sure to check my site on friday!

Doubled forever!

The Ice fishing and puffle roundup amount of coins earned will now be doubled permanenently!
Also cp removed the ninja shadow from the lighthouse, whether or not to kill the rumor that cp would not be bringing back the ninjas, i dont know.
als the 2 year anniversary is tomorrow, and tomorrow ONLY, so be sure to go to the party tomorrow, in the coffee shop and book room

Catalog Mania

Ok the Penguin Times said that they mada a mistake, and the pet catalog would be released in November, but there are still two catalogs
Here are the secrets of the furniture catalog:
Click on these images to make them bigger
Click on the fire pit to get the candleabra
Next click on the upright piano to get the pipe organ
Then click on the home stereo to get the concert lights
Also check out the igloo upgrades catalog too
There is a new pumpkin igloo

Double Day and solar eclispe

Tomorow you get double coins for playing puffle round up and ice fishing, so be sure to play those tomorrow
Also the newspaper said that there was a solar eclipse coming, and that the sky in cp would be totally black like it was last year for halloween

New Theme

Hey this is the new them for this wordpress, but i might change it later
The reason i changed it was beacause i was running into some problems with my old theme
Pleas comment if you like this theme better, or if you like the old theme better