Halloween party coming

Th halloween clothing catalog and some other stuff is coming soon

Paddle Pin

The new pin is a paddle ball and it is at the snow forts
also there is a new furniture catalog with a few secrets
to get the pop art painting click the beach ball
to get the starry night painting click CD rack
to get the concert lights click the home stereo

New Stuff

There is some new carnival stuff and to get the lollipop first you have to get the paddle ball and candy necklace and then close the prize window and open it back up again and click on the rope and the lollipop will appear
click on the image to make it bigger

Awesome Glitch!

Hey guys i found this awesome glitch i did it, and it works some of the time it worked for me though
First, play any one of the carnival games
Second when you die/finish, click “done” as fast as you can
then it will say “sorry this feature is currently disabled on your computer, then click ok , and look at the number in the top right hand screen and you should have twice as many tickets as you earned

The fall fair is here

There fall fair is here and i think the only room that wasnt decorated was brobably the beacon and iceburg and maybe the dojo, and there are six mini games to earn tickets and i think all the items are for members and non members so here is the catalog, and by the way the BEST way to win tickets i found was the puffle paddle found at snow forts you can get more than 100 tickets every time plus it is pretty easy just move around the paddle with your mouse and keep hitting the puffle in the air but there will be more than one puffle
(Sorry no pic of prizes new pic at the post after this one)
Also the penguin band is playing at the pizza parlor and there seem to be a lot of contests

Fall Fair Tommorrow!!!

The fall fair starts tomorrow and it will be awesome cuz its better than any party cp has had before, beacuase you have to earn tickets to get prizes and there are six ways to get tickets, so it will be really cool but dont forget to check my site to find out where ALL the items are!!


Ok there is a new pin in the ski lodge and it is a jellyfish
Rockhopper is back again, and here is his catalog
Also there is ALOT more stuff in the lighthouse from rockhopper (sorry no pic, see it for yourself)