Sport Shop Project Completed

Now the catalog in the sport shop is different from the one in the in the gift shop plus they brought back a bunch of old items like the hockey stick and some sport igloo furniture. And sadly for all those non members out there you are unable to buy any of that including the surfboard unless you are a member and you play with the surfboard or wakeboard you have to make sure you are wearing it when you go to play the ballistic biscuit
Also there is one secret to get the silver surfboard for 800 coins (again if you are a member only) first click on the surfboard the penguin is holding and then click on the starfish and the oyster on the bottom
Also lastly the new pin is a baseball and it is in the boiler room

Sport Shop Soon

The sport shop project will be completed tomorrow in the penguin times and they said you could buy a kneeboard for ballistic biscuit and to play on the kneeboard you just make sure that you are wearing it when you go to play the game i dont know if you have to be a member to buy it or not and also tomorrow a new pin will be hidden i bet it has something to do with ballistic biscuit

Camp Penguin

There is a new free item in the cove
Surprisingly that is it, I expected more, also can you tell me which room is your favorite? My favorite room is the new pizza parlor its now a mess hall!! Lol its all messy inside! Here is a pic
Also my other favorite room is the beach there is a huge campfire Here is what happens it you keep adding logs to it just click on the pile to add some
Also the new sport shop project will be completd soon i hope its new game

Camping Party Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the camping party coming this friday
Cp_Dining _Shelter

The Big 1000

As of August 19 i now have over 1000 hits thank you to everyone who helped me to get 1000 hits!

Lotta New Stuff

Ok im sorry this is a little late i was on a camping trip and there is no way i could ever get internet out there so anyway here it is
Rockhopper came and left something in the lighthouse, and also has some new items i like the feather hat it is so awesome!
There is some new stuff in the furniture catalog
New Furniture camping catalog camping

Things To Know

Ok I have been recieving some emails asking me to hack free memberships i guess i better end a problem before it starts
I am not a hacker i dont know how to hack i cant get free membership for anyone i had to pay for my membership
I do not work for clubpenguin
I did not help make clubpenguin
I am not a clubpenguin moderator
I cant ban or unban anyone
Also the new mission is out!!!!!! find out how to beat it on the secret agent page!!!!