Avalanche Secret Mission

There Is a message on the Hq board
Also If you go to the ski village there is an avalanche

Rockhopper’s Visit

Rockhopper brought some new items
Theres NOT a key! Heres What Rockhopper Left, so stop asking wheres the key wheres the key

New Mission Sneak Pic

Here is a sneak pic of the new secret agent mission
Sneak Peek

New Igloo

There is a new igloo and it is a fishbowl

Mine Cart

The new pin is a mine cart and it is on the piano in the pizza parlor

Awesome Water Party!

Umbrella HatThere is a Free Item in the Coffee Shop and there are a bunch of awesome stuff like water slides and fountains and I was right you throw water balloons instead of snowballs.

Water Party Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming water party I bet you will throw water balloons instead of snowballsSneak Peek