Christmas Party ’08!

There is a lot to go over today, so get on Cp and be ready!

First off, there are 2 free items. Go to the Ski Village for the Santa Hat.
Then, go to the Snow Forts for the Santa Beards.
There is also a new pin! It is a Present Pin and in the Ski Lodge.
Also the Ice Rink is back! It has replaced the soccer field.
Click on the Image to make it bigger.
In the Book Room, there are 3 new Books to Read. The one on the left is called “A Penguin Christmas Carol.” The Middle one is called “Christmas on Rockhopper Island.” The one on the right is called “Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic.”

On a not so Christmassy note, there are New Dojo instructions for Card Jit-Su.

Also, there is a Christmas Tree at the Iceberg, click on it a bunch of times to make it Grow!
It starts out as this:
Then Grows once you click on it and becomes this:
Then Grows once you click on it and becomes this:
Then Grows once you click on it and becomes this:
And finally…
But then if you click on it again, it becomes the way it was again.

Merry Christmas!

Rockhopper and Christmas!

Rockhopper has come back, and he has brought Coins for Change with him. Remember it from last year? Also he has brought some stuff for everyone! Also I’m not a member anymore, I don’t play Club Penguin enough to want to pay for it anymore. Click on the Image to make it bigger.
There is a repeat of the “Quest for the Golden Puffle” play at the stage.
Click on the Gold Puffle’s head to get the Crook & Flail. Click on the Image to make it bigger.

There is a new Furniture Catalog, with some very Christmas-sy items!
But unfortunately there are only 2 secrets.
Click on the berry of the Ivy leaf berry thing to get the leaning Tree, very similar to the one from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
Click on the Image to make it bigger.
Click on the Velvet rope to get the Welcome mat
Click on the Image to make it bigger.

Lastly, Coins for Change and the Free Bell!
There is a Coins for Change stand inside the Migrator, at the Plaza, and by the lighthouse, where I am in that picture

Merry Christmas!

December 6

There is a new Clothing Catalog in the Gift Shop. Click on all Images of the Clothing Catalog to Make them bigger.
Click on all of the four lights on the bottom row (It doesn’t matter what order) then the yellow scarf will appear
Click on the top of the tree to get the Russian hat
Click the Red Penguin (His face to be specific) in The Snow Fort to get the Red Viking Helmet. As always, open and close a few times and a blue one will appear.
Click on the Hair thing in the Penguin on the right’s hair to get the Pink Pom Pom Toque
Click on the lighthouse in the background to get the Red Hoodie
Click The Pink Flipper on the shelf in the background to get the Black Superhero mask
Click the “60 Coin Each” text to get the Black Scuba Mask

There is a new Pin, it is a Snow Forts Image and it is in The Pet Shop

Some Late Stuff

I downloaded a new version of Safari to my computer, and Club penguin Doesn’t Work. (It just takes forever to load) So I’m going to wait until I can get on to start posting again.
There will be no post Next Friday, I’m going to be 1500 Miles away from my house
The new pin is a snowflake tile and it is at the lighthouse
(Sorry No Pic, Technical Difficulties)



Due to time consumption and being 1500 miles away from home, there will be no Morning Friday Posts on 11-28-08 (Next Friday)


Dojo Redone

The dojo has been redone. There is now an exterior to the dojo! I wonder how this will affect all the armies on Club Penguin, the Dojo has always been their supreme fighting place.
The Dojo is still in the same place as before, but is now much, much more visible than before.


A Ninja Friday

There have been so many hints towards ninjas in Club penguin today….
First off, the Dojo has been buried and there is one free Item(The Miner Helmet). Go to the top of the Dojo to help dig the dojo out.
You can go to the top of the dojo and help dig it out
The Pin is a Snow Shovel and in the forest
The Club penguin Map has been completely redone
There is a new Wig Catalog
Lastly, there is a new clothing catalog, and as always, cheats for it
Click the red Penguin to get the Viking Helmet, open and close 3 times and a blue one will appear
Click the tip of the tree to get the Russian hat
Click on the top Snowflake to get the Pink Pom Pom Hat
Click on the 2nd star in the 2nd row to get the superhero mask
On both of the clearance pages, click on the letter “N” in the word “Clearance” to get the Jade Necklace and the Mixed Bracelets